Geordie's favourite KJ gig - Trafalgar Square 1980

Geordie's favourite KJ gig - Trafalgar Square 1980

Postby Werewolf32 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:03 pm

Peter Watts recently interviewed KJ members for the September issue of UNCUT magazine. From his 'Great Wen' blog:

"As guitarist Kevin "Geordie" Walker recalled: "My favourite gig was the CND rally at Trafalgar Square. 80,000 people and us playing on the steps of the National Gallery in 1980. Jaz told them 'Margaret Thatcher has bought all these cruise missiles and all you can do is stand there with a fucking placard. You deserve what you are going to get. This one's called "Wardance". It kicked off. It was a killer. We never got invited back and I've got my suspicion that's why we never did Glastonbury cos it's the same hippie crowd and they remember." ... ar-square/
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Re: Geordie's favourite KJ gig - Trafalgar Square 1980

Postby LSDMOFRO » Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:22 pm

So there's a video there that's an obvious bootleg. Does anyone have this that isn't compressed youtube quality. I tube quality audio is even crappier than MP3.
Would love to have a better source...though I can certainly extract from youtube to mp3.
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