"My Monster Jeremy" by Jaz's Mum

"My Monster Jeremy" by Jaz's Mum

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"CHELTENHAM rock star Jaz Coleman is making a comeback.\
The menacing Killing Joke frontman is...recording new music.\
His new-wave punk work is said to replicate "the sound of the earth vomiting" and he's renowned for his terrifying appearance - but Jeremy's mother loves him.\
Gloria Coleman still lives in Charlton Kings where Jaz...was born.\
She said: "He was a chorister at St Mary's Church - that was where his musical talent started to come out. He was a violinist and composer and won awards at the Cheltenham Festival. His voice and his violin playing were outstanding. He started the band when he was 16 and used to practice around Cheltenham. The fact he had no O-Levels doesn't mean much now he's won all these awards. I'm proud of everything he's achieved. His group influenced lots of bands and he's the composer in residence for the Prague Symphony Orchestra. He might look frightening on stage but he's really quite handsome."\
"Jaz, born Jeremy in 1960, went to Charlton Kings Junior School and Cheltenham Bournside."\
(This undated hard copy cutting from 'Fast 'N' Loud' punk zine was sent to me, with a photo of Jaz with his Mum. She features in the TDARS KJ documentary film.)\
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