Jaz's mannerisms

Jaz's mannerisms

Postby Amalgam » Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:56 am

Hey everyone,\
I just took a moment to see the Corporate Elect video, and I began to wonder about something. Whenever there's a new video out I can't help it but noticing how Jaz keeps on doing the same things over and over. He puts on big eyes and bares his teeth in a manic puppet grin, like he's done an awful many times before. \
Of course, Jaz is merely exploiting his facial features, but doesn't he ever question whether these mannerisms ever grow old? Whenever he's on the front of a magazine there's gotta be the same old crazy man expression. Yup, there it is again... \
Big eyes, wild laughter (with or without a cigar).\
Same goes for his ever occurring 'spontaneous' bursts of laughter during interviews. He does this *always*. In effect it's these things he does so predictably, that it's become the norm, instead of being something uneasy or unsettling. Maybe to the contrary, if Jaz would ever keep from acting out his madman's role, then maybe that would be much more unusual to see.\
So what do you guys think of this? Do you think Jaz still convinces as a madman whenever he does these things, or has it become so old that it's almost like watching an old 1920s goth film with Bela Lugosi?
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Re: Jaz's mannerisms

Postby scotty 2 tees » Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:57 pm

I suppose we all get set in our ways with age,and if we were videod as much as Jaz,then perhaps we would act in a repetetive manner aswel. Also Jaz has his own niche and weve all grown up around him as the Jester.Somehow I doubt very much if hed be the crazy guy when it comes to his classical works,but with K J its all part of there pesona.Hey just a thought m8,not opposing you at all.I to get a little bored with his antics,but then again Im always watching him.If i was a normal fan i wouldnt notice it so much. \:)\
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Re: Jaz's mannerisms

Postby firedance » Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:54 pm

John Lydon was accused of being a "cartoon punk" regularly. \
He did the eyes thing too (his own version) together with the psycho head tilt and sort of cold deadpan delivery.\
Come to think of it, there wasn't really anything punk about it it was just the stage persona exaggerated and in constant use in everyday life. He seems more "normal" in interviews now. He seems more comfortable in hos own skin.\
I wonder is that all it is with Jaz - he just needs to let go a bit? No need to shed who he is, just stop playing to the crowd so much.
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