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Visual Influences

Postby Mr.Punch » Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:55 pm

As a great admirer of Mike Coles`Artwork...I stumbled over this one. Not that I did`nt knew it before..but sometimes things are happening a bit I detected some links in this Vid, which made me wonder "If Colsey was inspired by ...?!" Nothing wrong..cos Colsey came later...but tell, am I wrong or not.. eg: the scene where the clown is drowning in the Ocean...ain`t there a realation to MCs "Laugh at your Peril" work? And in General...the colouration and perspectives? Does`nt it look familiar ? Mike as a young Student of the arts? Watching this....and! Picked it to form his style?\
Just a thaught...but have a look for yourself:\
At least no wonder...the guy inspired a whole generation and more...gee
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