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Postby cyrilgrey » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:21 pm

Amalgam wrote:Guys, maybe better hold your horses/pennies before being lured into the usual "limited edition" hysteria.\
I am certain the tracks on that single will also appear on a Japanese edition of the album. \
Wouldn't it be much handier to have those 2 tracks pasted behind the 10 album tracks instead of on some flimsy single? \
They're only two tracks and those few minutes (8 or so) will be over in a whim, but your money can be spent only once.\
(Like, how many of you put the In Excelsis or USS singles in your player after having bought them?)
you make an excellent point IF you are only concerned with having the songs. Many people might want to buy these items for collection purposes. Btw- they don't list the b-side for digital download, why is that?
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