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Postby Mr.Punch » Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:33 pm

Hi,all...just here to wish you few reminding posters a great new year...can it get even worser? No! Cos we already lost Bowie.
Believe it or not,it was just this morning,to be precise 10.33 MED...I finished "Letters from Cytheria"...it was a interessting read...bit of complicated for a non native speaker...(and so to proof the named origins/footnotes...) it was a good read when it came to Band annecdotes...it was a fantastic read,when Jaz was Jaz and not Prof. , Prophet, Seer , nor Shaman...
to me it was a great voyage into a strange Universe (well at least one of the many) and Iam glad I survived it without any serious mind damage.
I cannot even remember if it`s been said in the books foreword or in an Interview,where the Author himselfl said:" It took me years to write it..(...and me to read it <)..and never ever will I write a book again."
I agree with you Jaz!

It was entertaining,**, complicated **** , JAZ*****

In the end to me it was Something old,something new,something borrowed,something blue...a heavy spiritual marriage to an artist...gee I know and knew...now for sure
now this book went back into it`s slipcase and shelve..and I doubt... :D

BTW: Why hasn`t it been discussed so little even on here or the gathering list...hmmm :o

Happy entertaining 2017!
Have a laugh even louder than this year!

Donald`s gonna make it! HA HA HA!
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Re: 2016...2017

Postby Michael » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:00 am

Punch, happy new year to you and the other active posters (only a few left, what a pity), too! And congrats for finishing reading!!! :-) Why it has been discussed so little...? My guess is, that only a few people, who have bought it, read it from first to last page...so you can be proud of yourself and I can tell everyone, that I know someone, who has read it!! :-D
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Re: 2016...2017

Postby scotty 2 tees » Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:23 pm

Must confess,ive not read the book yet,but would like to say Happy new years to the all you brilliant folks here on the forum :D
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Re: 2016...2017

Postby Sapromind » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:42 pm

Happy new year folks, well I've been kind of inactive for the past couple of months, but it was due to technical issues (got some odd IP restrictions, hope everything's going to be fine from now on).
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Re: 2016...2017

Postby Lennonka » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:42 pm

Hi guys!

Belated happy new year!

I've been very busy and recently started a new band and it's been crazy, I barely have time for myself, but I have great times.

Glad to see you're still coming back here!

Much love to you all xx

PS. Concerning Jaz's book -- I read like 2 pages when it finally arrived but didn't have time and motivation to continue. Which is a shame because my curiosity has not faded. I guess I'm doing too much reading at work, haha. Maybe one day...
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