The TD&RS is there...since...

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The TD&RS is there...since...

Postby Mr.Punch » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:19 pm

Well, Hi to all who are watchin and not posting anymore. Several times I`m having a look on here it says for example: 8 users online in the last 2 Mins (myself includet) so I think, why not beeing a bit more active again.
We`ve never ever talked about TD&RS since it was realy released.
So, C´mon..who got an exemplar and what do you think?
I think it`s great. Besides the fact, that the tone is not very good...subtitles are very helpfull - as long as you don`t chose the - I guess - the google Translation(at least the german one) as it turns the whole afair into a kinda Slapstick. Well, at least, it`s a question of costs and as this is a real indipendent production it´s more than alright to use a automatic translation program. But genarelly this movie is very good made nd inhold some NEW anecdotes as well and it`s by far more confortible to watch it on a big screen than bits and pieces on Youtube (which most of the origins are taken from, but we knew this from the beginning on,,and`s around the centre there is called Jaz. But that`s alright too, as it seems he has finance a good part of it and - as far as one has read his book...there`s some coincidence and some things are explaining each other.
Well, another last try to get more life into this quiet place..let`s see what you lot think.
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Re: The TD&RS is there...since...

Postby LSDMOFRO » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:00 am

Hi Punch. Yes. I liked it. But due to my tinitus. ..and the different sound levels of the interviews. ..and to speech over the top of heavy music...i was really frustrated i could not hear a lot of what was said. I don't have a great sound system on my TV. It was a little better on a PC with headphones but not much. I think it would sound well in a theatre. With that said...i enjoyed the story. ..the craziness. ..i really liked Paul's interview as it gave more of a rationale explanation of antics and perspective. I thought it was done well. Jaz with his wild goose chase on the female reporter which he ends up impregnating was strange and odd. But that's Jaz and why we love him. I think i will bring the film over to a friend's that has a very expensive sound system and video set up. I guess Shawn the director stated an emphasis on the sound should be towards the center speaker. Subtitles? Are their English subtitles? That would have helped me. I can't hear dammit. Too much Rock N Roll.
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