The TD&RS is there...since...

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The TD&RS is there...since...

Postby Mr.Punch » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:19 pm

Well, Hi to all who are watchin and not posting anymore. Several times I`m having a look on here it says for example: 8 users online in the last 2 Mins (myself includet) so I think, why not beeing a bit more active again.
We`ve never ever talked about TD&RS since it was realy released.
So, C´mon..who got an exemplar and what do you think?
I think it`s great. Besides the fact, that the tone is not very good...subtitles are very helpfull - as long as you don`t chose the - I guess - the google Translation(at least the german one) as it turns the whole afair into a kinda Slapstick. Well, at least, it`s a question of costs and as this is a real indipendent production it´s more than alright to use a automatic translation program. But genarelly this movie is very good made nd inhold some NEW anecdotes as well and it`s by far more confortible to watch it on a big screen than bits and pieces on Youtube (which most of the origins are taken from, but we knew this from the beginning on,,and`s around the centre there is called Jaz. But that`s alright too, as it seems he has finance a good part of it and - as far as one has read his book...there`s some coincidence and some things are explaining each other.
Well, another last try to get more life into this quiet place..let`s see what you lot think.
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