rarities on 40th Anniversy

Unreleased stuff and such

rarities on 40th Anniversy

Postby LSDMOFRO » Sun May 13, 2018 9:00 am

Anyone wish to comment on some of the unreleased?

Also, Mr. Punch...anyone... I noticed on Pledge a poster mentioned these rarities,

I really interested in getting my hands on uncompressed copies of these songs:

Tailspin? 2003 version of Future Shock? MYSA, Panic Attack, Anamnosis, and Hegel's Wet Dream?
Hallucinations of a Cynic.

Anyone. Mr. Punch?
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Re: rarities on 40th Anniversy

Postby Mr.Punch » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:18 pm

Hi, there, just detected your post yet...well,as far as I can say - and I don`t know where I got my Information from (maybe from the Pledge Comments/replies) But all three of the 2003 Demos like tailspin,future shock on`t get any release as they are Jaz/Youth demos and Geordie`s not involved so he won`t give permission...understandable...Mysa/- never heard about..../Panic Attac ,Anmnosis or for sure Hegel`s wet dreams were working titles...as it seems....for Hallucinations of a Cynic...Welll, there are boots doing the circle for decades..and as Rob Moss put it in the Pledge Comments...there are limitations of Play time either on CD as on Vinyl....

BTW. There`s a lot titles swaying around the net,like:Love in a Spacesuit probably from the Pandemonium Sessions...but I guess that are working titles too...
Regards Punch
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Re: rarities on 40th Anniversy

Postby scotty 2 tees » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:30 pm

Love in a spacesuit was with Honey Bain I believed,but when I spoke to her a while ago,she said she couldnt recall ever doing a song with that title.I dont know what you guys think but Ide like to hear every demo KJ ever made,including B4 the gate demos.I keep digging about for those but alas no Joy.Whos gonna get hold of a copy for us. :D
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