Maories opening for KJ and communion

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Maories opening for KJ and communion

Postby scotty 2 tees » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:07 am

Live from Killing Joke's Pandemonium tour in 1994, here is the pre-show tribal dance by New Zealand Maoris and Killing Joke's opening song "Communion."

Ive always known about this but Cant believe I missed this video,its been uploaded since 2010,many thanks to Bacardicus :D
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scotty 2 tees
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Re: Maories opening for KJ and communion

Postby Mr.Punch » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:17 pm

That`s indeed pretty cool and partly scary. I have it on DVD and I thought (back then - and still do) that was a fantastic idea!
As I must confess (tho beeing a musician myself and in knowledge of the importance for any new Band to support someone like KJ or similar) I rarely seen a support act,that causes my attention
and interrest longer than the first two songs...sorry to all involved ever...but I am a arrogant,ignorant megaego motherfucking Guitarist 8-) ,so If my future Band...narr that goes too far... :D :D
No,realy,such things like this Maori dance Ensemble should happen more often...back in the early 70s,CAN I think, used to have Illusionists and such as guests/or support..

anybody remember THE WIZZARD? ;)
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