rarities on 40th Anniversy

Unreleased stuff and such

rarities on 40th Anniversy

Postby LSDMOFRO » Sun May 13, 2018 9:00 am

Anyone wish to comment on some of the unreleased?

Also, Mr. Punch...anyone... I noticed on Pledge a poster mentioned these rarities,

I really interested in getting my hands on uncompressed copies of these songs:

Tailspin? 2003 version of Future Shock? MYSA, Panic Attack, Anamnosis, and Hegel's Wet Dream?
Hallucinations of a Cynic.

Anyone. Mr. Punch?
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Re: rarities on 40th Anniversy

Postby Mr.Punch » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:18 pm

Hi, there, just detected your post yet...well,as far as I can say - and I don`t know where I got my Information from (maybe from the Pledge Comments/replies) But all three of the 2003 Demos like tailspin,future shock on`t get any release as they are Jaz/Youth demos and Geordie`s not involved so he won`t give permission...understandable...Mysa/- never heard about..../Panic Attac ,Anmnosis or for sure Hegel`s wet dreams were working titles...as it seems....for Hallucinations of a Cynic...Welll, there are boots doing the circle for decades..and as Rob Moss put it in the Pledge Comments...there are limitations of Play time either on CD as on Vinyl....

BTW. There`s a lot titles swaying around the net,like:Love in a Spacesuit probably from the Pandemonium Sessions...but I guess that are working titles too...
Regards Punch
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