Fire Dances UK Tour 1983

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Fire Dances UK Tour 1983

Postby Company Of Justice » Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:54 pm

Hello All,

This is a request for help. Much thanks and appreciation in advance to anyone who may be able to assist.

The opening band on the UK leg of the Fire Dances tour back in 1983 was the band Play Dead, who were, at the time, up and coming and on a bit of a roll. I am trying to trace any live photos of Play Dead from this tour, for use on the band's website ( or live photos of Play Dead from any point in their career. As this was back in the days before camera phones and digital photography, pics are rare and hard to come by.

Are there any old school KJ fans here who attended these gigs and may have photos and would permit us to post copies? All submissions will be credited and will have the grateful thanks of the Play Dead fan community!

Much regards to everyone.
Company Of Justice
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Company Of Justice
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Re: Fire Dances UK Tour 1983

Postby ~LJ » Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:16 pm

I remember the Fire Dances tour, I did four of the gigs hitching from Edinburgh Coasters to Newcastle Bear Pit then Leeds and down to the Nottingham Rock City gig with my mate. So sorry, but I never took any photos. As you say, before the days of camera phones & digital tech etc.
I remember Play Dead, but unfortunately not much apart from Propaganda and Sin of Sins, you know what it's like - I have to admit one of my big regrets over the years with tours and different bands is that I always wish I had paid more attention to the support bands, I have missed out on so much there.
I have a nice little drawing that Alex Paterson did for me on that tour, not much good to you I know, but just saying. It dates me now, good god.

Hope someone can help you out more than I can.
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