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Re: Pylon

Postby LSDMOFRO » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:18 am

bones wrote:Of course they degrade - you have a piece of really sharp diamond scraping across brittle plastic. Dust gets in that you can't get out. They get scratched and you can hear that (a scratched CD still sounds exactly like one with no scratches). It's inevitable. Having to turn the record over doesn't make me enjoy it one whit more. I enjoy it if it's good, regardless of the media. The "human warmth" thing is completely, utterly in your mind. The sampling frequency of a CD was chosen for a reason - it is more than twice the highest frequency a human ear can detect. And as the record was almost certainly produced using digital equipment, just because it works so much better in a studio environment, it's a pointless difference anyway. I could play you back-to-back samples of each and whilst you might be able to hear a difference, you wouldn't be able to reliably pick digital from analogue. I've tried it on music forum before, on people with trained ears, and the results were pretty compelling. I used a software version of a synth and the real synth and the only way anyone worked out which was which was because the hardware synth had inevitable noise in its signal from the cables and other crap in its signal path that the digital synth didn't have to deal with. i.e. the people who got it right deliberately picked the one that sounded worse as the real synth.

Have you thought about the reasons why vinyl and cassettes are back?

Yes, it is because people are idiots, completely incapable of objectivity and terrified of the march of progress. They long for the old and familiar, even though they won't admit it to themselves or anyone else. e.g. How else could you explain the failure of Windows 8 and the embrace of Windows 10, despite it being a measurably inferior operating system?

dude. they have those cans of liquid chemicals that clean computers... and they blow dust out yer ass let alone dust on grooves of them records. I didn't say there weren't limitations. People get old, doesn't mean they don't sound like they are in the room. Quite the opposite, you can then smell 'em! LOL!!!
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Re: Pylon

Postby Michael » Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:56 pm

"Yes, it is because people are idiots..." No. I think it's just a matter of taste, as it always is with music. We're not here, because Jaz is the best singer in the world technically or Paul the best drummer in the world, it's the same with the medium you prefer. They sound different. For the young ones I work with (18-25 years old) it's even enough to listen to single tracks with their cheap smartphone-speakers with horrible sound. They don't understand why old farts buy Cds or go to concerts, because at concerts "the songs never sound the same as they sound on youtube" (quote of a 21 year old pupil). I've given up this discussion.
Buy records, Cds or mp3, I don't care as long as people pay for it. But I think this is the wrong thread for this very interesting discussion anyway
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