From An Irrational Domain

From An Irrational Domain

Postby NOF » Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:59 pm

Contact Music reports: KILLING JOKE frontman JAZ COLEMAN ended the reunited band's set at Britain's Sonisphere Festival on Sunday night (02Aug09) by paying tribute to the group's artist, who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Coleman didn't name names but dedicated 1985 hit Love Like Blood to his cover art collaborator, suggesting the mystery man hopes to end his life rather than live with the crippling disease. Coleman said, "He’s got an appointment with Dignitas (Swiss assisted suicide and euthanasia group) and he wants to go out to this (song)."\
Hope it's not Colesy. If it is, goodbye and well wishes.
'I'm not a jukebox'\
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Re: From An Irrational Domain

Postby Mr.Punch » Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:52 pm

Don`t panic!\
I realy doubt it`s Colsey. There`s a 30 Aniversery Party for Malicious Damage this month (at least they can count, KJ not! lol )\
And I doubt it would be held if Colsey would be seriously ill.\
On another column (can`t remember where on the net) it says: Jaz was talking about the guy doing the sleeve for the new album...\
And last but not least, a fourtnight ago I`ve send a scetch for a Sleeve for "The Death and Resurrection Show" to Coffefilms and was told that my idea will be kept in mind..bla bla...but the photographer himself will create a sleeve or even MIKE COLES. So...I think he`s up and well!\
Cheers Colsey
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