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Postby Jaggedone » Wed Mar 11, 2009 4:39 pm

Michael wrote:@Jaggedone I've guessed that you were thinking of him. He plaid in some GDR punk bands before the wall came down, I've heard that in an interview. And I think that I've heard in that interview, that he was part of Abwärts for a time. So with FM Einheit there's the Abwärts > Neubauten-connection...so maybe Lade was part of Neubauten for some time, too \:D\ \;)\
Man you saved my life, I knew there was a fatal connection somewhere, I just cannot remember where I received the info from, maybe it was even on some avant garde, arty German TV prog, Dankeschon anyway. \
I also think it was one of Peels most weird phases, he kind of got into African, Latino, music, then all of a sudden there was German alternative music hitting the airwaves, he was the best DJ ever, although some of the stuff he played was sometimes too over the top and weird. Remember The Famers Boys? \8-)\ JO
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