Best album 2008


Best album 2008

Postby Michael » Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:37 pm

As the year ends...what is your favourite studio-album 2008, rereleases and live-albums not included?\
My choice is not very hard, because in the last year there has been only one album, that I really like very much:\
The Damned - So, Who's Paraoid?\
...followed by AC/DC black ice...but I haven't heard that one very's more an "ok"-album.\
Not very much for me in 2008...except rereleases and old songs in other versions \;)\
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Re: Best album 2008

Postby NOF » Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:49 pm

Michael wrote:\
The Damned - So, Who's Paraoid?
Controversial!! It's definetly better than Grave Disorder, but it tails off after the 6th track. Saw them on Saturday and they played about half of it live. Went down well.\
Mine (in no particular order):\
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles\
Venemous Concept - Poisoned Apple\
AC/DC - Black Ice\
Melvins - Nude With Boots\
Motorhead - Motorizer \
Honourable mentions\
Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider\
Portishead - Third\
Spiritualised - Songs in A & E\
The Cure - 4:13 Dream\
Airbourne - Running Wild \
Black Stone Cherry - Folklore and Superstition \
Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull\
The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent\
The Orb - The Dream
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Re: Best album 2008

Postby Mr.Punch » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:17 pm

Well,Go away white - BAUHAUS and erm yeah Dig Lazarus Dig, Nick Cave etc. but I cannot see the point why Live Albums should not be included???\
The best of 2008 is deffo the Forum Discs!
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