Iggy and The Stooges!!!


Iggy and The Stooges!!!

Postby Appocalypsa » Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:07 pm

I have one word for the whole yesterday night:\
I couldn't stop wondering what the sixty year old granpa is still able to show (includes not only the acts) on stage. After two czech support bands Vypsaná Fixa (some kind of psychedelic punk with very 'out of this space' but clever lyrics) and the old matadors Visací Zámek, the czech most known and reputable (if i can use that word in relation to the expression 'punk') punk band, the mummy jumped onto the stage and the killing hour begaun. His dance (or how ever the movements call), jumping, twisting or even virtual wanking on all of the possible (and even impossible) places in front of the boiling audience were stunning and i couldn't belive that this man was sober or not stoned. Even though the sound was awful and with luck (and little bit more of 'Iggy music knowledge') you could recognize a song after its well rumbled first half, I could feel that this event is burning a very deep mark into my memory.\
I can't remember which song he played as a first one, but for sure it was a I Wanna Be Your Dog (third song) when he dived in the crowd, too far away to be caught by the security guys. The strict manager with his tough face expression lost his sovereignty at that moment. When the crowd spat him back to the stage and the security guys could take a breath again, he carried on in the even more killing tempo and we could hear possibly the most raw song of the evening 'Search and Destroy', when it looked like the people are gonna break the barriers and flood the stage.\
Cause this man has no constrains and knows what is the best to do to manipulate with the flock at his feet, he spent half of his show standing at the boxes just in front of the first row, letting the people touch his wizened body or even spank his bum (for a pretty long time). At the moment of the highest fury, he invited the crowd to come on the stage and enjoy the totall madness at his territory. I had the sence that the security guys weren't really told what to be ready for. For those lucky ones it had to be an unforgetable moment. For us, who were resisting the pressure of 4000 bodies pushing towards the stage, it was unforgetable as well.\
The atmosphere was the more dense the more he used the words fuck, shit and kill. Very simple, very effective. "Fuck, shit, fuck, shit, fuck" ... "No fun, my babe, no fun". Yeah, we loved it, we sang, we screamed, we 'danced', we waved our arms .. and we were trying to get as close to him as possible...\
Unfortunatelly, I found out that the most ruthless people were mostly over 40-years old men, who used their elbows as some natural weapon how to hurt people and take over their position. Maybe they called That to be The 'Punk'. I don't know, maybe it is (was), but honestly i didn't like it at all.... Anyway, i was very happy when my sister punched one old cunt in his kidneys after he cruelly pushed her sideways on his raugh way towards the magnetic stage. Belive me, you couldn't notice a track of pain in the face full of adoration-madness.... \
Overall, it was an unforgetable concert, I don't think I will ever forget the energy between the band and the audience. How ever this man is old, and how ever funny he looks while doing his poses, he remains to be an original rock'n'roll star, who's performance finds sorely a competition.
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Re: Iggy and The Stooges!!!

Postby Icen Killin » Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:37 pm

Isn't it strange to think that at one point, when Jaz disappeared to Iceland, Iggy Pop was being considered by the management as the new singer for the Joke.!!!!\
As if....... it just shows you how wrong the business people around a band can be at times.
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Re: Iggy and The Stooges!!!

Postby Michael » Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:38 pm

The Stooges...I wish I'd seem them on the last tour. RIP Ron.
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