Plagiarism blah blah


Plagiarism blah blah

Postby Bluce_Ree » Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:53 pm

I've just heard Life Goes On by The Damned for the first time (how do YOU feel about The Damned? I feel like they are a terrible band that occasionally deliver a tune that is absolute gold and this is one of those tunes).

I found it after looking up guitar tabs for Eighties, seeing the oft-mentioned similarity to Come As You Are and then saw mentions of Life Goes On.

I never really thought Eighties and Come As You Are were that close. Come As You Are and Life Goes On are much closer. Three top tunes though it has to be said. Eighties for me is KJ's most iconic track, even moreso than Love Like Blood.
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Re: Plagiarism blah blah

Postby Mr.Punch » Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:20 pm

I aggree with you concernig The Damed,I have mixed emotions too towards their output.
For Eighties and similarities...their was a clip floating around some years back from a scurity cam inside Taxi in Prahue I guess and Geordie was the passenger,so the driver and he were talking about Eighties and Nirvana etc etc and Geordie mentions that he nicked the Riff off Baby come back by The Equals ( Eddie Grants Management was informed by Geord himself) he was laughing telling it and that Change origins in WAR`s Me and my brother...

I think that all the plagiatism circus with Nirvana was more for the public as they never took it to court,but were aware of the publicity it`ll bring with it and of course they were/are aware that some KJ Originals have their roots.

...the third clip is sheer madness innit? :D :D ;)
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Re: Plagiarism blah blah

Postby Michael » Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:46 pm

This is off-topic, but I LOVE the damned, they're the best live-band ever, sorry, KJ. They are the only band that never seem to be bored on stage. Their shows just mean "fun" to me, no fillers at all.
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Re: Plagiarism blah blah

Postby Sapromind » Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:21 pm

I've known about Life Goes On for a couple of years, but it was only like one or two days ago when I've found out about Baby, Come Back. To be honest, I see more similarities between Life Goes On and Eighties than Baby, Come Back and Eighties, so I'm kind of surprised by what Punch said about Geordie's confession. Anyway, I think it's hilarious how KJ got so pissed off at Nirvana while their riff wasn't original either (I guess the word "stolen" would be too harsh, since Geordie contacted the authors).
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